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Thank you for visiting The SeatWeavers’ Guild,Inc.® (TSWG), the first and only national chair caning guild in North America.

We founded the group on the weekend of July 13-15, 2007 with our mission to educate the public and our members of the need to preserve and perpetuate the nearly lost art and craft of chair caning and chair seat weaving.

Highlights and Purpose of TSWG

We are a national, non-profit educational group organized to promote and perpetuate the age-old craft of chair seat weaving. Our members are craftsmen, teachers and restoration artists with a deep desire to pass on the chair seat weaving trade to the public, so it doesn’t truly become a “lost art.”

We are fulfilling our mission of education and perpetuation of the craft of chair seat weaving through:

The guild welcomes and encourages membership for all levels of expertise including the professional, hobbyist, or beginning chair weaver. And of course, we also encourage membership from historians, suppliers, sponsors and those that simply appreciate and honor the craft.

Please look through the rest of TSWG site and remember to bookmark us and come back often to see the changes and updates.

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